The TrueVine Production marketing team promotes projects through various avenues which include but are not limited to: creating radio and television promotions, internet advertisement that will include interviews with the artist along with samples of the upcoming released product, creating marketing and branding campaigns to help solidify the client in the marketplace and to help offer social media support and optimization. Promotions will also include print advertisement that will be seen in stores, billboards and surrounding area mailings. Videos of the singles will be available in various sectors. We understand the importance of social media and we also use different social media means to target and captivate that audience.


TrueVine Production is a company that provides complete market ready production projects that include but not limited to music production, company jingles, and company audio manuals. We offer each client the opportunity to collaborate with experts in their area of need and allow our clients to have a vital part within the production process. Each client will be immersed in a family oriented environment as the team and client develop a project that represents the artist vision. We offer the ability to collaborate with expert writers, musicians, vocal teachers, graphic artist and engineers.


TrueVine Production will provide management opportunities for artist that would consist of booking engagements, handling travel arrangements and being the liaison between the artist and the client. The management department will strategically plan different opportunities for each artist that will best promote their careers.

We can help you in any project